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Information for new employees.

Welcome to the Northshore School District! Here are some useful links and FAQs for new employees.

Your New NSDNet Password
Your office manager or supervisor will have an NSDNet username and password for you to log on to your computer and email. Please note: If you have been assigned a district computer, it is important that you login to your computer for the first time while ON CAMPUS, not at home, in order for your username and password to authenticate properly with the district network and servers. You can change your password at the website This password will be used for email, file servers, and more (visit KB Article 3 to learn all about your NSDNet Password).

Macintosh Computers
If you’re new to Macs or need a refresher course on how to get the most out of your Mac, click here. If you recently switched to Mac from a Windows PC, visit Switch 101 on Apple’s website. 

WebMail (OUTLOOK) is the NSD standard email program on staff Mac OS X computers, allowing you to connect to eMail on campus, at home, or at any computer with internet access.

How-To pages can be found at Outlook getting started or the Outlook Overview Webinar.

Phones and Voicemail
Visit our KB article on the ShoreTel phone system. More FAQs on phones and voicemail can be found under the KB category Phones and Voicemail. If you do not have a phone in your area, please have your Office Manger submit a work order to have one set up.

Other Online Systems and Resources
Synergy: login | documentation
District Website: NSD website login

Employee Online
View your pay stubs and more online at The login credentials for Employee Online are unique to that system.

Technical Support
If you need technical assistance (computers, phones, projectors, or other technology related devices), each campus has an STS (School Technology Specialist) and elementary schools with less than 500 students also have TRT’s (Technology Resource Teachers). STS and TRT staff are excellent tech resources available on campus. You can also search the NSD Technology Knowledge Base online for answers to your questions. Visit the Technical Support website for system outages and alerts along with links to technology resources. For technology service requests or questions, please fill out a Web Help Desk work order ticket.

Building Maintenance
For Building Maintenance requests in your area (electrical, heating, etc), call InfoCenter at x6012. InfoCenter will create a work ticket for your building custodian.

NSD Technology Coordinators
For training in the use of instructional technology equipment such as activboards, document cameras, computers, software, etc., related district policies, all technology purchasing needs, and requests for site-based or individual training, please contact your Instructional Technology Coordinator. Northshore has 4 instructional Technology Coordinators who help teachers infuse their instruction with technology. Teachers with a need for support or "just another set of brains" to strategize the most effective use of technology in a project, unit or lesson should contact the coordinator assigned to their school (see assignments below). Coordinators can also help with locating digital resources and hardware needed for your project. 


South Region

West Region

North Region

East Region

iTech Coordinator

Gavin Molitor

Maddie Oakley

Josh Emond

Pete Connors







Inglemoor HS

Innovation Lab HS 

Kenmore MS

Northshore MS


Frank Love

Kenmore Elem




Bothell HS

Secondary Academy

Northshore Networks
Canyon Park MS

Crystal Springs

Maywood Hills

Shelton View



Maltby Planning

North Creek HS

Leota MS

Skyview MS

Canyon Creek



Ruby Bridges


Woodinville HS

Timbercrest MS

Bear Creek 

(Northshore Family Partnership 

& Northshore Networks)

Cottage Lake

East Ridge

Hollywood Hill



Visit the Instructional Technology website for a plethora of resources and information. 

Staff Development
Browse all current professional development opportunities. Find classes by standards, certification requirements, date, or instructional focus.

New Teachers
Resources specifically for new to the district certificated staff. 

Teacher’s Toolbox
Login to the NSD home page with your district username and password. Select Staff from the blue bar under the district logo. Teacher Toolboxes are located along the right side of the window. Select the appropriate toolbox from the list.

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