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How do I send large attachments in email (how to use MailFile)?

All mail servers limit the size of mail messages and attachments because there is a significant increase in processing time and storage space for an email with an attachment than one without. If you need to send a large file to one or more people and have been running into these limits, the district has a service you can use to send large attachments. NOTE: This can also be used to allow people to send large attachments to you - see further below.


Go to Log in using your NSD email address and password (it may take longer to log in if it is your first time).

  1. In the To field, type out the full email address(es) of the people you would like to send to. If you are sending to multiple recipients, separate their email addresses with commas. Use the add cc and/or add bcc buttons to copy the message (or blind copy) to other recipients.

  2. Type a Subject for your email. Many systems will reject messages that do not have a Subject line.

  3. Type a message to your recipients.

  4. Click on the Add Files... button to add attachments to the message.

  5. Navigate to the file(s) that you would like to attach. Click Open. You will see a progress bar uploading the file to the server. When upload is complete, you will see your attachment name under Attachments. You can continue while the attachments are uploading.

  6. When ready to send, click on the Send button at the bottom of the page. If your attachments are very large and taking a long time to upload, there is a checkbox you can check to have the message send as soon as they are done uploading. You still need to leave the page open while they upload, though!

This will send the recipient(s) your email message along with a link to the file download. You can set the link to expire after a period of time by using the Expires in option on the right side of the message window (the default is one week). The link uses a secure connection for the upload and download so the files are protected while they are transmitted over the Internet (meeting Federal requirements for protecting sensitive information and student data). You can also see who has downloaded the files so you can tell whether they were received or not.

** NOTE: Only single files can be uploaded to mailfile. If you need to send multiple files, create a folder and then copy the files into the folder. Compress the newly created folder. To compress a folder on a Mac: highlight the folder and then right/control click on the folder and select Compress from the pop up menu. - the original folder will not be changed. The compressed folder can be uploaded as a single file.


If someone from outside of the district needs to send you a large file, they can type the following in their web browser:

where your_email_address is replaced by your district email address. That will take them to a page where they can fill out a similar form. They will enter their email address, a subject, a message, and attach the files and the message will be sent to you along with a link to download the files.


Mailfile lets you create URLs that will automatically fill out part of the filedrop form. This can be very useful if, for example, you want to have parents submit photos for yearbook or an end-of-year presentation. You might make a link on your web site like:

and it will fill out the form with the preset subject and message

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