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How do staff, students, visitors and/or guests connect personal devices to the NSDPublic wireless network?

The District provides a Public-access wireless network (NSDPublic) for staff, students, guests and visitors to connect personal computing devices while on district property (see exceptions below).

All use of a District wireless network is subject to the NSD Responsible Use Procedure School Board Procedure 2022P. Personal use of the network with a non-district device must meet the State de minimus criteria, which does not allow for any network connection that would make excessive use of resources or create a support burden for District staff.

Personal computing devices are NOT allowed to connect to the wired network at any time. Personal devices may contain malware (viruses, etc.) that can spread to other district devices as soon as the device is connected. Only wireless connections are allowed.

How to Connect a Personal Device to NSDPublic:

Due to the wide variety of devices that could be connected, we cannot provide detailed instructions for every device. In general, the following should work on all devices:

  1. Select NSDPublic in the device's wireless networks.
  2. Accept the NSD Responsible Use Procedure when prompted.
  3. Click Connect.

Your device will be connected to the NSDPublic network.

Limitations on use of the NSDPublic network

State law restricts financial activities while connected to the NSDPublic network:

  • Making personal financial transactions while connected to NSDPublic is a violation of state law.
  • The NSDPublic network cannot be used to process financial transactions during events held on district property by vendors and other non-district groups such as Craft Fairs, Book Fairs and privately sponsored fundraising events. Vendors and other non-district groups must provide their own system for internet access and to process financial transactions.

As the District network is provided through public funds, there are other limitations on its use outlined in the District Responsible Use Policy. Here are few we want to highlight:

  1. All activity on District networks is logged. You should not expect that anything you do is "private".
  2. Access to web sites is filtered at the same level as for elementary school students.
  3. Staff should not use the network for any personal streaming audio or video (using services such as Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, or Hulu) during the work day as they make heavy use of the network and could interfere with District activities.
  4. Do not connect devices intended primarily for gaming, such as a Sony PlayStation or Microsoft XBox.
  5. Do not connect devices intended primarily for streaming audio and video, such as a Roku or Apple TV.
  6. Do not connect devices intended primarily for personal services such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.
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