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How do I import a .csv file into Contacts?

Start by creating a .csv file to import. You might get one from Synergy, or possibly by exporting contacts from another mail application that you’re using.

If you want to get email addresses from Synergy and turn them into contacts in Outlook, you’ll need to run a report in Synergy that has First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and possibly other information about each contact. If there is additional information in the report, it will end up in the Notes section for the contact within Outlook.

Let’s say you have a .csv file that looks like the one below if you open it in Excel.

Once it is imported in Outlook, it will create a contact for Karen Doe, and in the Notes section for the contact (notes will appear if you select the contact and click “Show more”)  you’ll see that Karen Doe’s student’s name is Jane Doe, that Jane is in Grade 4, and that the Relation is Mother. A similar contact entry would be created for John Doe, relation Father.

Tip: You may want to delete information like Grade from your .csv file since it will only be accurate for one year. The other information is likely to remain unchanged for more than a year.

How to Import the .csv File:

Click on the People logo at the bottom of the folders pane to bring up contacts.

In the top menu, select Manage and Import contacts.

These are the options that will show up, and the only difference between them is that each has its own instructions for obtaining a .csv file from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or Windows Live Mail. If you’ve already created a .csv file, you can pick any one of the four and you’ll then get an opportunity to browse your computer for the file and select it for upload.

This is the window that will open up if you were to choose Gmail, but it works for any .csv file you have on your computer. Just click Browse to find your file to upload.

Once you’ve browsed and chosen the .csv file (e.g. Example.csv), click on Upload. It’s near the top of the window. The contacts from the .csv file should now be in your contacts in Outlook.

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