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How do I add the Graphics Center printer and/or I can’t print to the Graphics Center printer


To add the Graphics Center printer:

1.   From any open application, choose File -> Print as if you were going to print a document from that application. You may need to start a new document or open an existing document.

2.   Click on the pull-down at the top of the Print window and select Add Printer.

3.   Click on the IP tab at the top of the Add Printer dialogue window.

4.   Type the IP address of the Graphics Center printer 

5.   Next to Queue: type hold
      Next to Name: remove the IP address and type hold
      Next to Location: remove unknown and type Graphics Center 

6.   At the bottom of the window, next to Print Using, click on the drop-down menu and choose Select Printer Software (your computer may show Select a driver to use... You may have to click the drop-down menu a second time and again choose Select Printer Software or Select a driver to use...)

7.   In the next window, type nuvera ea in the search field to filter the printer list for the drivers. Or you can scroll all the way down until you get to Xerox Nuvera EA DPS (07.00.00) v3017.102
8.   Click on it to select it, then click on the ADD button in the lower right. (If you do not see this specific driver, it is available via Self Service in your Applications folder. It is listed as Xerox Nuvera Printer in the Printer/Scanner  category.)

9.   Click OK.

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