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My email isn’t working. It won’t send one or more messages.

If you have never been able to send email messages, please see the following articles on how to set up your mail program for NSD email. 

If you have been able to send messages recently and are suddenly having problems sending an email message(s), please try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Do you have a working network connection?
    Open a web browser (preferably Safari) and try to connect to the district web site at If you are unable to access any websites or other network resources (printing, file server), please read KB Article 45 for further help.
  2. Are you able to send messages to other recipients?
    Send a new test message to a co-worker. If you are able to send to some people, then we can troubleshoot just the messages that are stuck in your Drafts folder by following the steps below. If you are not able to send to any recipients, please see the note at the start of this article (above). Also check the Tech Alerts webpage to see if the email server is down.
  3. Check the recipient's email address
    Open one of the emails that won't send. Did you accidentally mistype the email address of the person you are sending to? If you didn't put a .com or .org or forgot the @ or . symbols where needed, the email message won't send. You may also have mistyped the name or used an old domain that no longer works. See the KB article on Common Problems with Email Addresses for help on identifying incorrect addresses and recently closed domains.
  4. Attachments
    The mail server limits how large your email attachments can be. If the email that won't send has one or more attachments, make sure the total is not over 9 MB, or you will not be able to send the email message. 
  5. Profanity
    The mail filter is set to block email messages with profanity. You will need to delete or alter your text so that it doesn't contain any unacceptable language.
  6. Blocked file types
    There are certain file types that are blocked from the mail server. This includes MP3 files and MOV files. If you have such attachments in your email, remove them. If you need to send the files as part of your work for the district, you can either post them to your Public folder or your school/department Office folder (on the file server, if sharing with other employees) or use the MailFile service (see above) to send them outside of the district.
    REMEMBER: It is against the district Acceptable Use policy 2022 to use your email account to send personal enclosures including photos, music and video files, tax or loan forms, etc.

Something Else
If none of the above fixes work, it is possible that there is some other problem with your computer. Please call Technical Support at x6688 and let them know about the problem.


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