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The projected image on my whiteboard isn’t right - the image on the screen is red (or blue or purple or fuzzy or blurry).

The VGA cable connecting the overhead projector to the document camera or computer port may not be working properly or may be insecurely connected. Try the following:

  1. Disconnect, then reconnect the VGA cable from the wall jack to your computer or document camera.
  2. Disconnect, then reconnect the dongle (the white adapter that connects the VGA cable to your computer).

If the cable does not reconnect easily, don't force it into the port. If one of the connection pins is bent it can cause an incorrect projection and the cable will not reconnect easily into the port. If the pin is bent but not broken off, usually it can be straightened and the cable will not need to be replaced.

If disconnecting then reconnecting the cables does not resolve the problem, please create a work order ticket to have our district hardware technician check the cable and the connections at the ceiling mounted projector.

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