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I was having problems with my computer, and have been told I’m getting a "swap". What does that mean?

If you have a computer with a barcode starting with a "E", it is under a unique warranty program. If your current computer has problems it will be dispatched for a repair under this warranty. Accidental damages, such as fluid spills, are not covered by the warranty program.

If you are able to drop off and/or pick up your computer from the Tech Department in the Admin building, you will be without your computer for the shortest time. We can arrange for your computer to be picked up and the replacement delivered to your campus if that works best for you. Sub computers are available from your campus office manager to use during the swap process. 

One of two things will happen:

If the data on your drive is intact:

If the swap is due to a hardware problem unrelated to the drive; such as a faulty CD/DVD drive or nonfunctional USB ports, then we will first try to transfer your drive to a new-to-you computer. The process takes about 1/2 work day as there are many adjustments to be made. The drive needs to be properly recognized in it's new home, a new backup run, and NSD systems need to be adjusted to reflect the barcode of the computer now assigned to you.

If the data on your drive is not accessible:

Your data will be restored from your most recent backup. In your staff server folder, the lastbackuptime.txt file in yourusername/backup/computerbarcode/Current/ will have the time and date of the most recent backup. This backup includes data from your Desktop, Documents, and Library folders of your old computer. We do not have a backup of your Music, Movies, or Pictures - even if they are stored on your Desktop or in your Documents folder! Please make a habit of backing up those types of files and folders to an external drive or your staff folder on the server. (To learn more about the NSD backup system see the KB article on computer backups.)

NOTE: Any decals, stickers, cases or other "additions" must be removed from laptops before turning them in for a swap. We WILL NOT remove/save decals, stickers or other items and reapply them to the replacement computer.

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