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Where is my school’s repair location?

Campus repair locations as of 12/06/13 (Based on info received from last request dated 9/1/16)

School Location Contact
AH Computer Lab Amy Smith x4047
BC Main Office

Joan Beck x4160

BHS Main Office Nick Celms x7140
CC Staff Work Room Lynnea Webb x5774
CL Faculty Room Deepika Uliyar x4214
CPJH Library Nick Griego x6312
CS Office  Mat Bermudez x4314
ER Computer Lab Nancy Nygren x4414
FL Computer Lab - counter in back of the lab Julie Hert x4600
FW Back of Computer Lab Ben Huizenga x4511
IHS Room between Library and Main Office Julia Brousseau x7245
KE Main Office Jody Thomas x4812
KJH Main Office Workroom Ryan Shearer x6479
KO School Library AV Room Greg Rolander x4946
LJH Main Office Conference Room Arnulfo Julio x6569
LW Computer Lab, Room 16
Jennie Gardino x5811
MH Reception area of Main Office Larry Pierce x5014
MO Teacher workroom adjacent to the Main Office Sam Miller x5114
NJH Library Leo Cherne x6741
SAS Staff Workroom - next to mailboxes Shane Pearson x
SECC Workroom Tiffanie Birr x6300
SJH Library Alex Guffey x6814                                                    
SR Computer Lab - Room 123 Nancy Celms x5314
SV Teacher work room (mail pick up area)
Laurie Walloch x5243
Lynn Anderson x5241
TJH The mail room in the Main Office Julie Vandehey x6973
WE Room 103

Grace Johnson x

WH Staff Room Beth Barrett x5519
WHS Main Office Danna Kapacinskas x
WM Conference Room A Derek Pieser x5612
WO Computer Lab, Room 22 Jody Thomas x5414

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