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Word is acting really strange. I also can’t print or save because an error says, "Out of memory".

Some of your user settings for Word may be corrupt. To reset:

  1. Close Word.
  2. Double click on the Macintosh HD icon on your Desktop, or Mr-Smiley-Face-Guy in the Dock to open a Finder window.
  3. Click on the house icon next to your username in the sidebar (if there is no such icon in your Finder window sidebar, from the menu bar select Finder --> Preferences. Click on the Sidebar tab and check the checkbox next to the house icon with your username.)
  4. Navigate to the Library -> Preferences folder.
  5. Within the Preferences folder, find and delete the and files.
  6. Within the Preferences folder go to the Microsoft Folder and delete the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Settings, and Word Font Substitutes files.
  7. Navigate to your home userspace (the house icon in the sidebar) and go to Library -> Application Support -> Microsoft -> Office -> User Templates folder and delete the file called Normal.dotm.
  8. Relaunch Word, and see if the problems are resolved.

Any settings that may have been changed from the standard defaults (margins, fonts, etc…) will need to be reset.

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