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How do I access BusinessPlus and InTouch from a Mac?

As on June 30, 2017

BusinessPlus and InTouch may ONLY be accessed using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Remote Desktop Connection will no longer be used to access BusinessPlus or InTouch.


Advantages to using Microsoft Remote Desktop include:

  • Greater flexibility and stability for BusinessPlus and InTouch.

  • In BusinessPlus, print to any printer available to the Mac.

  • In BusinessPlus, save to or upload from a Mac. No need to navigate to server shares for attachments or other materials.

  • InTouch receipts print to the Mac's default printer*.


Download the documentation below for instructions to configure and use Microsoft Remote Desktop for BusinessPlus and InTouch.

* If no default printer is specified, InTouch receipts may not print to the appropriate printer. To check that a default printer has been selected, open System Preferences under the gray apple in the upper left corner on the Mac's display. Select the Printers & Scanners Preference Pane. In the lower right corner of the window, if the Default printer: field shows Last Printer Used, use the pull down menu to select a specific default printer. 

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