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I want to print on both sides. How can I print duplex to save paper?

On a Macintosh OS X computer (this example is based on choices within MS Word. Option may vary slightly for other applications):

  1. From the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, click File -> Print.
  2. In the Print Window, click on the drop down menu and select Layout.
  3. Click on the dropdown menu next to Two-Sided and select Long-Edge Binding (for Portrait printing) or Short-Edge Binding (for Landscape printing)

To save a commonly-used option like two-sided printing, save it as a preset by choosing Save As from the Presets pop-up menu and entering a name. When you want to use that combination of options of again, choose its name from the Presets pop-up menu. You can assign the preset toa specific printer if you desire.

If two sided printing does not show as an option for your printer, and you're sure that the printer can duplex print, check to make sure that the printer is using the correct printer driver.

  1. From the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, click File -> Print.
  2. In the Print Window, click on the Printer dropdown menu that displays available printers, and select Print & Scan Preferences.
  3. Click on your printer in the left sidebar, then click on the Options & Supplies button.
  4. Click on the Driver tab.
  5. Make sure the Print Using: field displays the make and model of your printer. If the make and model are incorrect, click on the drop down and select Select a driver to use. Scroll down the printer driver list until you see your printer make and model. If there is more than one entry for your printer model, choose the driver with series in the name.
  6. Check the Duplex Unit check box. If there is no option to Duplex, and the correct driver is selected, your printer may not support two sided printing.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Close the Print & Scan preference pane.
  9. If two sided printing is still not an option in the application print window, quit the application and restart it. The option should then appear.

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