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How to search for articles effectively in the KB (Technology Knowledge Base)?

How to Search in the KB

  • From the KB Home page, enter keywords in the Search field in the upper right corner of the window. 

  • After the initial search, you can use the Advanced Search area on the right side of the window to refine your search and further narrow your search results.

Drop down menus within Advanced Search provide additional options. In the example below, Printers and Printing  has been chosen from the In drop down menu. The In field limits your search to a single category in the KB.

In the Search for field:
  • The Any Word option directs the search to list articles that include any of the words typed in the keyword field.
  • The All Words option directs the search to list only articles that include all words typed in the keyword field.
  • The Exact Match option directs the search to list any article that includes the words typed in the keyword field exactly as they appear in the keyword field, allowing you to search for specific phrases within an article.



Select the File Attachments check box under Also search in to choose to search both the article and and attached files.

Click the Advanced Search button near the bottom of the screen to perform the advanced search.

Here are a few suggestions to make your searches within the KB most successful:

Narrow your search. If your search has too many results, make your search more specific.

  • Use distinctive words and phrases. Didn't get the answer you wanted with "spinning beach ball of death?" Try "boot" or "crash." Focus on the word or phrase that applies to the issue you're trying to resolve.

Broaden your search. If you're not getting any articles that match your keywords, or only a few that don't give you what you're looking for, broaden your search. 

  • Identify a bigger classification to use as a keyword. If your search for AutoFocus didn't give you the results you wanted, try Document Camera.


  • If you have several pages of results, scan through them quickly. Results are listed by popularity, so perhaps your article appears later in the listings.

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