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Everything on my screen seems too big / small. How can I change the screen resolution?

The Display Menu application is installed on all Mac computers. Display Menu provides an icon in the menubar along the top of your iMac or MacBook to quickly set the resolution for your computer display as well projectors, additional monitors, or other display devices connected to your computer. You can also choose the option to enable or disable Mirror Displays in the Display Menu drop down. 

  1. Click on the Display Menu icon in your menu bar. If the Display Menu icon does not appear in your Finder menubar, navigate to your Applications folder and open Display Menu by double clicking on it (see KB article #100 for more information about managing Display Menu in your Finder menubar).
  2. Select the resolution and aspect ratio you would like to use for each display/projector/monitor listed. 



NOTE WHEN CONNECTING TO A PROJECTOR: 1024 x 768 (60Hz for projectors) for both the computer display and projector is the setting known to be stable with all Apple computers and projectors used within the district. Other settings may result in various displayed image issues (flickering, doesn't display on one device, etc..). The computer may letterbox (have black strips along each side) while a projector or other additional display is connected. If you want a higher resolution while connected to a projector or other additional display, start with 1024 x 768 and then increase the resolution for each device and test for stability. Try to keep the resolutions consistent between multiple devices.

 NOTE WHEN CONNECTING TO A FLAT PANEL DISPLAY/INTERACTIVE DISPLAY:  1280 x 720 (60Hz refresh rate) with an aspect ratio of 16:9 is the recommended setting that is stable with Apple computers and displays.  

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