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How do I burn an audio CD in iTunes?

It's easy to burn audio tracks to CD using iTunes. Remember to respect copyright laws when burning audio to CD.

1. DO NOT insert a CD in the portable drive yet - that will happen a little further along in the process.

2. Open iTunes and select the Playlists tab. Click on the playlist in the sidebar that you want to burn to CD. Note: You can only burn a CD from a playlist.  Create a new playlist of the songs/audio you want to burn to CD if one does not exist yet.

3. Click on File --> Burn Playlist to Disk in the menu bar or click on the gear in the lower left corner of the iTunes window and select Burn Playlist to Disc from the drop down menu.




3. Set the preferences in the Burn Settings window as you wish. In most cases, the default settings will be most stable.


4. Click on the Burn button in the lower right corner. iTunes will prompt you to insert a burnable disk in the portable CD drive. As soon as the disk is detected, iTunes will begin burning the audio tracks to the CD. A progress bar in the iTunes window will display and alert you when the task is complete. 

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