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I logged in as northshore on a computer, and the next day when I logged in as northshore all my documents were gone.

In Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks", the Guest login account is set up to allow anyone to log on. The Guest userspace is now called "northshore", it is designed to allow your guest (or someone not normally assigned to your computer) to log on and temporarily surf the web and check email as a guest on your Mac. When your guest logs out, Mac OS X purges the account, so that the next time someone logs in as a guest, he or she gets a fresh, unused account.

This data is not backed up by our servers, so unfortunately if you had data in the Guest userspace and logged out your data is not recoverable.

if a computer freezes while logged in as guest, and there are files that need to be recovered, call Tech Support at x6688. If the computer will restart and is at the login screen (no one has logged in again) files created in the guest user space may be recoverable.

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