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Who is my instructional technology coordinator, and when would I call him/her?

For instructional and classroom issues relating to software and equipment, district policy issues, technology purchasing issues, and requests for site-based or individual training, please contact your Technology Coordinator. Northshore has 4 instructional Technology Coordinators who help teachers infuse their instruction with technology. Teachers with a need for support or "just another set of brains" to think about how to use technology in a project, unit or lesson should contact the coordinator assigned to their school (see assignments below). Coordinators can also help with locating digital resources and hardware needed for your project.

NSD Instructional Technology


Peter Connors x7758   BC, CL, ER, HH, SR, WE, WO, LMS, TMS, WHS

Josh Emond x7756      CC, CS, FW, KO, SMS, NCHS, WTS

Todd Koren x7753       ECC, FL, LW, MH, SV, WH, CMS, BHS, ATP

Gavin Molitor x7757    AH, KE, MO, WM, KMS, NMS, IHS, NN, SAS



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