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What are some good shortcut keys in Mac OS X?

Here are some shortcut keys for Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion. For more shortcuts, visit the Apple website.

Cmd + N New Document or Finder Window
Cmd + A Select All Items
Cmd + B Bold
Cmd + I Italicize, (In Finder) Get Info
Cmd + U Underline
Cmd + C Copy
Cmd + X Cut
Cmd + V Paste
Cmd + F Find
Cmd + P Print
Cmd + S Save
Cmd + Shift + S Save As
Cmd + Z Undo
Cmd + H Hide Current Window
Cmd + W Close Current Window
Cmd + Q Quit Application
Cmd + Option + W Close all window in app, but doesn't quit
Cmd + T New Tab in Safari/Firefox
Cmd + Shift + ] Switch to the next Tab in Safari/Firefox
Cmd + Shift + [ Switch to the previous Tab in Safari/Firefox
Cmd + ` (accent) Cycle through open windows on current application
Cmd + Tab Switch Application
Cmd + Shift + 3 Screenshot (whole screen), saves file to Desktop
Cmd + Shift + 4 Screenshot (selected area), saves file to Desktop
Cmd + Shift + A (In Finder) Open the Applications folder
Cmd + Shift + H (In Finder) Open your Home folder
Cmd + 1 (In Finder) Icon View
Cmd + 2 (In Finder) List View
Cmd + 3 (In Finder) Column View
Cmd + downarrow (In Finder) Open highlighted item
Cmd + Y (In Finder) Quick Look
Cmd + Option + Esc Force Quit
Cmd + Ctrl + eject Sleep
Cmd + Shift + Q Quit all applications and log out
Ctrl + eject Shutdown prompt

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