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My projector is projecting upside down. How can I flip it back?

For Epson Powerlite 95
You can change the projection mode to flip the image over on your remote. Hold down the A/V Mute button on the remote control for five seconds. The image disappears briefly and reappears flipped top-to-bottom.

For Epson Powerlite 82, 83, 84+ projectors
On the remote control select Menu -> Extended and press Enter. Use the up/down arrows to get to Projection and change it to Front/Ceiling.

For most Hitachi projectors (like the CP-S235, CP-S240, CPX200, and CPX205)
On the remote control select Menu -> Setup-> Mirror -> V Invert.

For the Hitachi CP-S225, select Menu -> Main -> Mirror -> V Invert.

For the Sanyo PLCXU73, access the Setting menu. Press the Menu button to display the On-Screen Menu. Use the up/down/left/right arrow buttons to navigate to the item that you want and press Select. Scroll down and select Ceiling. Switch it to On.

Note: Since you will have to navigate the menu while it is upside down, you will need to hold the remote upside down to use the arrow keys in the same direction they want to move. Otherwise you will have to push left to go right, and up to go down...etc. <br.>

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