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The District network
Does the district have wireless? How do I connect to it?
KB Article #137: My laptop isn't connecting to wireless
KB Article #115: Can I connect my personal computer or other technical equipment to the district network?

Presentation Systems (projector, whiteboard, document camera, speakers)
How do I connect my presentation system?
KB Article #135: My computer is not connecting to the projector
KB Article # 278: The image from a ceiling mounted projector is upside down
KB Article #48: My sound system/speakers don't work.

Phones and phone systems:
Reset voicemail password: Create a work ticket in Web Help Desk.
KB Article #559: How do I set up my voicemail box?
KB Article #560: How do I move my phone to another place in my classroom or office?
KB Article #479: Where can I learn more about the NSD phone system and voicemail?

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