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What is my NSD username and password used for and how do I change it?

Your NSD account is the username and password used for login to district computers, email, Google services, and more. Your NSD account username is unique within the district and cannot be changed by you once it has been created. Your NSD password can be changed at

If you are unsure what your district password is, go to and enter your username in the "User ID" field. Click on the "Forgot" button below the "Password" field. In the next screen, click "Send email" to send an email to the personal email address on file for your account, or click on "Verify and Reset" to enter personal information to allow you to reset your password. 

If you use a district Apple computer, you'll need to run the Keychain Fix from Self Service after changing your password. Self Service is in the Applications folder. When you launch Self Service, you will be prompted to log in.  Use your NSDNet username and password then click the login button. Click on the 1st Aid category. Choose 1st Aid: Fix Keychain Error. This patch will restart your computer immediately, so be sure to save any open work prior to installation. Click the install button.

Password Requirements:  In an effort to increase the security of district accounts and systems, NSD has developed password requirements that are consistent with the 2017 guidelines provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  All NSD passwords must be 12-24 characters in length. There are no other password complexity restrictions such as the use of upper/lower case letters, numbers, or special characters. 

When you change your district password at, your new password will be automatically updated in the following systems:

  • Desktop Login for Mac OS X and Windows computers
  • Login for Chromebooks and Google Apps
  • Outlook Email and calendar (the password change may take up to 1/2 hour to sync with Microsoft's Outlook servers. If you cannot log in to email after changing your password, wait 1/2 hour and then try again.)
  • Web filter (Fortinet) authorizations and overrides
  • District File Services (MyServerFolder and
  • Web Help Desk
  • MailFile (
  • Destiny and Media Manager Library Systems
  • NSDPublic wireless network login
  • Self Service on Mac OS X and Windows
  • Hoonuit (formally Atomic Learning)
  • Performance Matters (Professional Development)
  • and more!

Your password is NOT automatically changed in the following systems:

  • Employee Online (paystubs, benefits info) 
  • Synergy (Use the Synergy password change link at
  • Business Plus (iFAS) and InTouch
  • IEPOnline
  • SearchSoft
  • NSD Apple IDs/iCloud
  • Frontline/AESOP 
  • HR document system (
  • State online services
  • Online textbook sites like those from Pearson and Holt

If you are new to the Northshore School District and you do not have a district account, please contact your office manager.

NOTE: Never share your password with anyone else. Your NSDNet account password allows access to your emails, files and other information sensitive NSD systems. Nobody, including Technology staff, should be asking for your password.

Password Resets

If you are having problems logging on to your computer, please try restarting your computer first. Check to be sure you didn't accidentally type a space before or after your username, and if possible, connect to the network via Ethernet. If you are still unable to log on to your computer, please call Technical Support at x6688.

Laptop Users
If you are wireless and cannot log on to your computer, try plugging in to the network via Ethernet. Your campus STS can provide you with an ethernet cable if needed. If you are still unable to log in to your computer, call tech support at x6688 or open a work order ticket at

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