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My Avervision software does not work with my document camera.

Here are some troubleshooting procedures to determine why your Avervision software may not be working with your document camera.

1. First be sure that you are accessing the software that is compatible for the document camera you are using:

  • 300AF cameras work with Avervision 2.
  • CP300 cameras work with Avervision 2.
  • SPC300 cameras work with Avervision 2.

2. Check to see that the USB cord is connecting the camera to the computer. Unplug and replug the USB cord. Quit Avervision 2 and relaunch.

3. If the Avervision 2 icon is constantly bouncing in the Dock and never launches, Force Quit the application and launch again.

4. If you get the Initializing Camera message (below) and the camera's image never shows, please use Self Service (in your Applications folder) and install the latest Avervision update on your computer.

5. If the troubleshooting steps above don't resolve the issue, please open a Web Help Desk work order ticket, or call Technical Support at x6688.

Note: Manual controls on the camera are disabled when the USB cable is plugged in to the computer.

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