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In Excel, why is this cell showing a bunch of pound signs #####. There should be a number in there.

When working in Excel, you may encounter a situation where your cell shows multiple pound signs #####. This means that the number that should be displayed in the cell is too wide for that cell.

You can make the number fit that cell by widening the column. To change the column width, go all the way to the top of your spreadsheet and place your mouse between the column headers (example, place the mouse at the top of your spreadsheet between the letters "A" and "B" for column "A" and column "B"). Your mouse pointer will turn into double arrows pointing left and right. Hold down your mouse key and adjust the column to the right to widen the column.

Quick Tip: To quickly set the column to the width of the widest cell in that column, simply double click the column heading border (where your mouse turns into the double arrows). The cells in that column will adjust to the width of the widest cell.

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