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My district computer can’t send email from home when using AppleMail- what do I do?

If the problem is on your home computer, the district does not provide support for email clients on home computers. It is not a good idea to use an email client on your home computer to access your district email because the client copies the emails to your computer, which not only uses up your network connection, but also puts public documents on your computer (all district emails are part of the district's Public Record). That means that it is possible someone could ask for a public records search of your home computer.

If you want to get at your district email from outside of the district, or on a computer other than your district computer, you should use the webmail client (Zimbra) at: As of the 2014/15 computer deployment, AppleMail is no longer in use by the district and is not installed on district computers.

The client is a full-featured mail client with drag-n-drop support, spell checking, address books, and more. The client looks at your email account directly so you will see the same messages and same folders as you see in your mail client at work.

Why I can't send emails from my home computer
This problem is due to restrictions enabled by several ISP's in previous years. Comcast started blocking outgoing (SMTP) mail around 2007 and Verizon started blocking it in Fall 2009. The ISP's  state that they block traffic on the common mail sending port (25) as a measure to reduce the amount of spam sent from infected computers on their networks. Unfortunately, the change has not reduced the amount of spam sent from those systems, only altered the type of spam that is sent.

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