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Can I use Apple Mail or Calendar on my district issued Mac?

Apple’s Mail and Calendar applications are available on staff Mac computers.  Since Outlook is the District’s supported email and calendaring tool, limited support will be provided for users who wish to utilize Apple Mail and Calendar.

Service Level Agreement: Technology staff will provide support for the basic setup and configuration of Apple’s Mail and Calendar applications for users on district Macs. This includes adding the user’s district account to the application, and accessing shared district calendars. Setup and configuration instructions as well as links to additional resources will be documented for users in this Knowledge Base article. If requests are submitted for advanced troubleshooting with either of these applications, users will be directed to contact their building STS or Instructional Technology Coordinator for support.

 Included in this article are instructions for:

  • Adding your district email to Apple Mail
  • Adding your district calendar to Apple Mail
  • Setting a default calendar in Apple Calendar
  • Adding shared calendars in Apple Calendar
  • Viewing shared calendars in Apple Calendar
  • Additional resources for use and troubleshooting


Adding your District email to Apple Mail

The first time you open Mail, you should be prompted to add your email account.  If you are not automatically prompted, from the top menu bar select Mail > Accounts.  To add your District email account, select Exchange.  

In the pop-up window, enter your full district email address and password.  Click Sign In.

 Select the services you wish to connect to Apple applications.  If you don’t intend to use Reminders or Notes, uncheck these items.  Click Done.



Adding your District calendar to Apple Calendar

Open the Calendar application on your Mac.  If you have already set up your email in Apple Mail (following the steps above), your NSD calendar account will already be connected to Apple Calendar.  If you did not follow the steps above, you can add your calendar account from the top menu bar by selecting Calendar > Accounts.  To add your District calendar account, select Exchange and follow the steps above to add your NSD account.



Setting a default Calendar

We suggest staff set their NSD Calendar as the default in Apple’s Calendar application.  This means that when you create a new event it will be added to your NSD calendar by default.  You can do this by navigating to the top menu bar and selecting Calendar > Preferences. 

In the General tab, select the drop down menu next to Default Calendar.  Choose Calendar under the Exchange section.

To close the preferences window, click on the red dot in the top left corner.



Adding shared calendars in Apple Calendar

In Calendar on your Mac, go to the top menu bar and select Calendar > Preferences.  Select the Accounts icon, then click on the Delegation tab.

Click on the "plus sign" icon to add a shared calendar.  Type in the email address of the individual whose calendar share you’ve already accepted.  As you begin typing, suggested accounts will auto populate.  Select the appropriate account.

Make sure the check mark next to the user’s name is selected.  This must be checked in order for the calendar to appear under the "Delegates" section in the Calendar application.



Viewing shared calendars in Apple Calendar

 In Apple Calendar, click on the Calendars button in the top left of the window to open the calendar list view.  Shared calendars will appear in the Delegates section.  Check the box next to shared calendars to show them or uncheck to hide them in your calendar view.



Additional Resources for use and troubleshooting

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