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How do I find out the IP address of a computer?

If you are logged into the computer, click on the gray apple in the upper left corner of your computer screen and select System Preferences... from the drop down menu.

Open the Network preference.

In the sidebar, select Ethernet if you are connected to the network with an ethernet cable, or Wi-Fi if you are connected to the wireless network. A valid connection will have a green dot next to it and the word Connected underneath. If the dot is yellow or red then there is not a successful connection.

The IP address will be displayed just below the Status area.

A valid IP address will have one of three formats:, with the second group of numbers being a 1 then your two digit campus code. This is usually an ethernet connection., with the second group of numbers being a 2 then your two digit campus code.This is usually a wireless connection.

Checking for a valid IP address for a computer is a valuable troubleshooting tool, and very helpful information for tech support should you want them to be able to connect to the computer for software installations, troubleshooting, etc..  If the IP address begins with 169 rather than 10, the computer is not connected to the network.

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