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I can’t scan with my Canon Canoscan Lide scanner.

Our experience has been that the software Cannon provides with the LiDe Canonscan scanners quits unexpectedly on the district Mac Computers. There are two other pieces of software on NSD computers that will allow you to scan with the Cannon scanners:

Image Capture:

  1. Image Capture is found in your Applications folder ( Macintosh HD -> Applications )
  2. Open Image Capture, then select Devices -> Browse Devices from the menu bar. Select the Canonscan LiDe model for your scanner from the device list. If the scanner isn't listed, then the computer is not "seeing" the scanner. Make sure the scanner is turned on, and unplug then replug the USB cable connecting the scanner to the computer. If Image Capture still does not list the scanner, plug the USB scanner cable into a different USB port on your computer.
  3. An interface window should open for the scanner. Select the DPI (dots-per-inch) resolution you would like. 78 DPI is standard for web page thumbnails. The higher the dpi, the larger the file that will be saved. If you plan to eMail the file, pick a dpi that will result in a file under 10M.
  4. In the Source Size field, set the size to match the item being scanned. Use the pull down menu to change from pixels to inches if needed. In the scan preview portion along the left side of the window, a selection area with grabber bubbles will appear over the document to scan. Use the grabber bubbles to highlight the area you want to scan.
  5. Type in a name and select a location to save your file. 
  6. Select the file type to save - .pdf, .tiff, etc..
  7. Select an application such as Preview or Acrobat Reader to automatically open the file if you wish to view it after the scan has finished.
  8. Select the Scan button.

If that doesn't work, in Image Capture, select Devices ->Browse Devices from the menu bar. To the right of the scanner name, click on the Use TWAIN UE button. Try to scan again.

Or, use Preview. Launch Preview (Applications -> Preview) and go to File -> Import Image. Scan with the settings as specified for Image Capture .

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