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How do I copy and/or scan documents on the Ricoh copier? Can I scan files to the file server?

NOTE: August 2016 Ricoh copier updates are complete for most campuses. If your campus HAS NOT had the Ricoh updates yet, see the Temporary Scanning instructions at the end of this article.

Scanning Documents on the Ricoh

The district Ricoh copiers are equipped with software that allows you to scan documents and save those scan files to the file server. This only works for staff who have a district account, as that is required in order to use the file server. The scanning function is set to black/white scans by default, but it can also do grayscale and full-color scans and at higher resolutions, if you modify the settings before scanning.

There is a PDF document available with instructions and screenshots showing how to copy and scan documents on the Ricoh: Ricoh Copy & Scanning Instructions (click to download)

All staff should have at least two options for saving to the file server - their staff folder and their school/department shared office folder. Files saved to your staff folder go into a sub-folder called "Temporary". Files are deleted from the Temporary folder after they are two weeks old, so be sure to move the file to your Documents folder if you need to keep it longer than that. If you select the shared Office folder, it will take you to the "Scans" folder, just as the software did in previous years. Once there, you can click on the location to select a sub-folder inside the Scans folder.



Refer to ONLY if Ricoh copiers on your campus have not yet received the August update:

Temporary Scanning Instructions

There is a PDF document available with quick instructions and screenshots showing how to scan on unconfigured copiers: Temporary Ricoh Scan Instructions (click to download)




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