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Ricoh copier won’t take print jobs OR printer button is flashing

If your Ricoh copier will not accept a print job (they stack up in the printer queu, which you can see by clicking on the printer icon in your Dock) or if the copier has a flashing light on the printer button, this means that a print job has failed and all others are being rejected until it is fixed.

To fix it:
  1. Press the Printer button (on the left of the screen). This should show you on the screen a message about what is wrong.
  2. If the message lists different printer trays, you probably ran out of paper in one tray. Select an appropriate alternate tray or refill the paper in the empty tray and touch the "Continue" button on screen.
  3. If the message lists options to clear a print job or clear all print jobs, select the option to clear all print jobs then power off the copier (press and hold the power button for  8 - 10 seconds - it is at the top left of the front panel) and start it up again to reset it.
If these steps do not solve the problem, try printing from a different computer. If that still doesn’t work, create a work ticket in the Technology Help Desk system to have the copier checked out.
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