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I’m having problems scanning on the Ricoh copier

There are many common problems with the Ricoh copiers when using them as scanners. Please look for a solution to your problem below before calling Tech Support:

I press the Scanner button but it doesn't work
This could be due to several issues. The first thing to do is to try powering the copier off and then on again. Instructions are available in article 434.

I am having problems when I log in

If the scanner says the login is incorrect, please check that you are entering your employee ID or login ID correctly (by typing it again very slowly). If you have a shorter employee ID (less than five digits), do NOT use a zero at the start. For example, if your employee ID is 00727, just enter 727.

I select a folder to scan to on the file server, but the copier says I do not have permission to use that folder.
This problem may be solved by powering the copier off and then on again (see above for the procedure). If that does not solve the problem, open a work order about incorrect permissions on the file server and we will get it fixed.

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