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Someone is pretending to be me (or my school) on FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.. What can I do?

It is becoming a common problem on social media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter for people to put up profiles that pretend to be someone else. If you find that someone has put up a fake profile with your name on it or a fake resource page with your school/department/class name on it, you will need to work with that service directly in order to get the problem resolved. The district cannot do that for you because the sites want you to verify who you are.

On Facebook you can file a report that someone is impersonating you.

On Twitter here is the link to report that someone is impersonating you.

In general, you need to search the site on the service for notes about how to report fraud. On FaceBook, for example, click on the reveal triangle in the upper right corner of the Facebook status bar along the top of the window. Select Help from the drop down menu. That link will take to you to a page to search for answers to your problem (search on "fake profile"). Twitter also has a help link on each page. Other sites have similar links.

NOTE: If the problem is a page or profile pretending to be a district school, please let us know. The district is able to help in those situations since the district is the one being misrepresented.

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