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FlipVideo - Regaining Full Recording Time

There may be instances when your camcorder prompts you that it is out of recording time even after deleting all of your videos due to an upgrade to your camcorder's firmware.  This update consumes more space compared to previous versions, causing you to have lesser recording time.  To resolve this, save a copy of your videos to your computer and delete them from your camcorder to regain record time.

This article will provide instructions on how to regain record time on your camcorder.  The instructions are categorized according to the operating system (OS) of the computer that you will be using to access the camcorder's folders.

For Macintosh:

Step 1:
 Connect your Flip camcorder to your computer's high-powered USB port.  Double-click the  icon found on your desktop.

Step 2:
Open your DCIM folder then then click 100VIDEO to access its contents..

Step 3:
Delete all videos stored in this folder.

NOTE:  You cannot retrieve the videos once they are deleted.  Before permanently deleting the videos, save the ones that you want to keep on a separate folder.  When transferring the videos, do not transfer them from the 100VIDEO folder.  UseFlipShare to save your videos to another location.  To learn how to export videos in FlipShare, click here.

Step 4:
If you have videos stored outside the DCIM > 100VIDEO folder, within the camcorder's directory, delete them as well.

Step 5:
Disconnect your camcorder from your computer and check its record time. 

NOTE If your camcorder still has not regained its full record time, reconnect your camcorder to  your Mac computer and empty the Trash Bin.  Alternatively, you can  power on and off your camcorder eight times.


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