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How does an intern get a District account? Are they given a district computer to use while they are an intern?

 Counselor, School Psychologist and Administrator interns

Based on specific job assignment and duties, NSD Technology and Human Resources departments have agreed to assign district computers to interns in the following areas:

  • Counselor
  • School Psychologist
  • Administrator 

These specific roles require non-district employees to access, download, and manipulate documents or data that often contain sensitive student information (including special services designations, attendance and contact notes, standardized assessment data, and more).  Assigning a district device to these individuals in these roles will serve to safeguard this sensitive student data.

Mentors will need to fill out a Web Helpdesk ticket, using the Request Type 02 Computer and Related Equipment – p. New User Setup. 

Please Provide the following information: Intern legal full name, start/end date, intern type (Counselor, School Psychologist, or Administrator), and  primary work location


Teaching Interns 

Devices will not be assigned for teaching interns. They are expected to have and use their own devices, and should not be checking out district devices and/or taking them home. If an intern has an intern sub certificate and substitutes for the mentor teacher, the school can allow the intern to use one of the building's substitute laptops during the substitute assignment, if it's practical to do so.

If you are working with an intern and the intern needs a District account (in order to have a District email, to log in to a District computer, or to connect a personal computing device to the District network, you can submit a request for the intern for the duration of their work in the District or through the end of the school year, whichever comes first.

To request an NSDNet account for an intern, you will need to download and print out the Intern Account Request Form and have the intern fill it out and sign it. The form is available to district staff only. Staff will need to authenticate with their username and password to view or download the form. The form is available on the district website on the Human Resources department website in the Forms section. It is also available in the Office Managers Toolbox in the Forms section.

Please specify on the form what access the intern will need (email, district computer, personal computer, file server, etc.) The form should then be sent to Human Resources, who will pass it on to Technology to create the account once they verify the internship. Technology will notify the school when the intern account is ready.

You will also need to download and print out the District Responsible Use Procedure 2022P for the intern to read. Interns are bound by the same acceptable use procedure as district staff.

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