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I can’t connect to the internet, can’t send or receive email, and can’t print. What’s wrong?

It sounds like you don't have a network connection. First check to see if anyone else around you is having network issues. If others are having issues, click here.

Check the Tech Alerts website to see if there is a known problem or scheduled maintenance that is preventing access to the network. 

If you are the only one experiencing network issues, try the following:

If you connect to the district network via a wireless connection: 

  1. Check that your airport is turned on. Go to the wireless icon in the menubar near the top right corner of your display. The icon looks like a pie wedge, and should have several horizontal curved bars in it reflecting the signal strength of the nearest wireless access point. If there are no bars, then either there is no wireless access point within range of your computer, or the airport is turned off. Click on the icon to display the drop down menu. If Turn Wi-Fi On is listed, click on it to turn the airport on. Your computer should connect to the wireless network within a few seconds. 

If you connect to the district network via ethernet cable:

  1. Check your network cable. Is it securely plugged into your station and into the wall jack or switch? Unplug and replug the cable to be sure.  NOTE: If you are plugged into a mini-switch (box with a bunch of blinking lights), unplug the power so that it turns off. Wait 10 seconds and plug the power back in. See if you can now connect to the network.
  2. Unplug and replug the network cable from the wall and from the back of your computer.
  3. If you still cannot connect to the district network:
    1. The ethernet cable may be faulty. Try a different known good cable. Check with your STS or TRT to see if they have an extra Ethernet cable to use for the test. 
    2. The ethernet jack on your computer may be faulty. Call Technical Support at x6688 or create a Web Help Desk ticket to report the problem.

If you are still unable to connect to the district network:

Have you relocated your station and are you using the same wall jack that you successfully connected before? Connect the station to another known good jack. If you can then connect to the network, the wall jack you want to use may not be active. There is a small number on the wall jack. Create a Web Help Desk ticket requesting the jack be activated, including the jack number.

Multiple Users Experiencing Network Problems
If others in your area or building are experiencing network issues, a switch or hub in your building may need attention. Contact your office manager. They will notify the appropriate technology support person. Please let your office manager know your room number and the room numbers of those around you that are unable to connect to the network.

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