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I can’t print to an old printer. Can I still print to an old unsupported district tagged printer?

Some schools are electing to hold on to older district tagged printers until the toner cartridges run out and/or they fail. These old printers are no longer supported by NSD Technology. Printers fall into two "Tiers": Tier 1 printers are supported, Tier 2 printers are provided with minimal support and may not be repaired or replaced, depending on the costs involved. If you are unsure what Tier a printer is assigned, your STS can check for you.

The NSD tagged printer models below are no longer supported by the Northshore School District Technology Department. No troubleshooting or repairs will be performed on any of the following models:

HP Laserjet  1200
HP Laserjet  1200N
HP Laserjet  2100TN
HP Laserjet  2200DN
HP Laserjet  2200DTN
HP Laserjet  2200TN
HP Laserjet  3 SI
HP Laserjet  4000
HP Laserjet  4000N
HP Laserjet  4050N
HP Laserjet  4100DTN
HP Laserjet  4100N
HP Laserjet  4100TN
HP Laserjet  4500
HP Laserjet  4550N
HP Laserjet  4600DN
HP Laserjet  4600DTN
HP Laserjet  4600HDN
HP Laserjet  5000N
HP Laserjet  8000 DN
HP Laserjet  8100DN
HP Laserjet  8150DN
HP Laserjet  9000DN
HP Laserjet  II
HP Laserjet  5
All Apple Printers including 16/600 and LaserWriters.

The printer models below are supported by the Northshore School District Technology Department. Although the following printer models are supported, it is recommended that they be used by connecting them directly to a computer with a USB cable rather than connecting them to the district network. These printer models are intended for light use and will often freeze when two or more people print to them at the same time. They also may have problems processing large or graphics intensive documents. 

HP Laserjet 1300 & 1300n
HP Laserjet 1320 & 1320n
HP Laserjet P1505 & P1505n
HP Laserjet P2015d & P2015dn

If you need to print large or graphics intensive documents be sure to print to a newer printer intended for heavy use, or print to one of the Ricoh copier/scanners in your building.

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