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Where can I learn more about our phone system and voicemail?

Here are some resources for learning more about the ShoreTel phone system and using your Shoretel phone:

* There is an online flash-based tutorial for your handset (model 230) at:

NOTE: This training assumes you are setting up the phone from scratch. You can ignore instructions on how to log in to the phone, as your phone has already been set up with your extension. Use the "forward" button to skip over that section, if you wish.

* There are downloadable (PDF) manuals available for the phone as well:
  - Shoretel 230 User Guide (full)
  - Shoretel 230 Quick Reference (two page)
  - Shoretel Voicemail Guide

The Shoretel Communicator website was replaced by Mitel Communicator in July 2019. If you used Shoretel Communicator in the past and use a Mac Computer, check your Applications folder for Mitel Communicator. MiTel Communicator is available in Self Service for Mac Users if needed. Technology installed Mitel Communicator for staff with Windows computers in July 2019. If you were a Shoretel Communicator user on a Windows computer and the software has not been installed on your computer, please create a WebHelpDesk ticket and we will install it for you. 

Information about configuring and using Mitel Communicator can be found in kb article #766.



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