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My Sound System is not working properly. What can I do to check that it is set up correctly?

New ActivSound Audio System (2011):
The ActivSound audio system has a main amplifier with 4 volume control knobs, next to the power on button. The first two knobs control the microphones volume, the other two control the computer and VCR. Be sure the power is turned on. Then slowly increase the volume for the device (mic, computer, etc) that you would like to hear.

Wireless Califone speaker system:
Consists of Califone speaker, speaker remote control and microphone pack.
In order to use the system, make sure that:

  • The speaker is turned on;
  • The mic is turned on;
  • The speaker and mic are set to the same wireless channel;
  • The volume control is not muted on both speaker and the mic.

Wired Califone speaker system:
Make sure that:

  • All plugs are fully inserted on the back of the speaker and other end devices (computer, VCR/DVD, etc);
  • Speaker is turned on;
  • Speaker volume is not muted.

If you are unable to solve the issue, please open a Web Help Desk work order ticket for your sound system issue. Please include:

  1. Your school
  2. Room number
  3. NSD barcode number on the sound system
  4. A description of the problems or symptoms you are experiencing

The Technology Department will send a technician to your room to inspect the sound system. If you are asked to send in your mic for repair or replacement please send to Aleks at Support Services. Please return all defective equipment to the technology department.

Califone Speaker System PA300 +UHF
Lightspeed LES-750IR
Lightspeed REDCAT

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