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How do I get my Verizon/Frontier/Clear wireless connection installed on my district computer?

The district does not support the installation of personal networking software or hardware on district computers. This includes USB cellular modems from Clear, Verizon, Frontier, Comcast, ATT Wireless, or any other cellular service provider, as well as custom ISP software such as are provided by AOL and Earthlink.

The installation of any custom network software can interfere with the proper operation of a district computer on the district network. This can cause problems with the computer using district resources. In some cases, it can bridge our network with outside networks, causing a security problem for the entire district that could allow viruses or other attacks to get in behind our firewall.

If a computer is found with such software on it, the software will be removed or the entire computer re-imaged to the district standard image, depending on how difficult the software is to remove.

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