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I’m trying to reset my email network password, but it’s not letting me choose a new one. How do I pick a password that will be accepted?

Choosing a Good Password

If the password change page is saying that the password cracking software would not accept your password or "figured it out", you will need to choose a more secure password. The software uses algorithms to calculate passwords you are likely to choose, just like hackers do when trying to break into your email or other accounts.

The best password is one that makes sense to you and nobody else, and thus is easy for you to remember and hard for others to figure out. Since it should contain both letters and numbers, a good method for selecting a password is to think of something important to you (a favorite vacation spot, cousin's name, favorite band from high school, etc..) then purposely misspell it a bit, and then pick a few numbers to insert somewhere in the process. As an example, if you love to go to Paris (and who doesn't?), you could try "payRee34" in honor of your 34th trip there. 

Keep in mind that Google requires a minimum of 8 characters to access GoogleDocs, so your district password will also need to contain at least 8 characters. 

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