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When using IEP Online, reports are not opening automatically.

If reports are not opening automatically for you when using IEP Online in FireFox, please reset the application for PDF (Portable Document Format) files using the following steps:

1) While using FireFox, select FireFox --> Preferences from the menu bar.

2) in the Preferences window, select the Applications tab. A list of file types and applications to open them will be shown.

3) You should see Adobe PDF document near the top of the list. Click on the drop down menu next to Adobe PDF document and select Use other...


4) Navigate to Adobe Reader in your Applications folder. Select Adobe Reader, then click on the Open button.


5) Use Adobe Reader will be displayed in the Action column to the right of Adobe PDF document.


6) Close the preferences window.

IEP Online reports should now open automatically in Adobe Reader.
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