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How can I find the MAC address of my Mac or Windows computer?

Every computer has a unique identifier on its network connection that is different from any other computing device on the Internet - this is its MAC address (Media Access Control - part of the network hardware layer in a computing device). The district network security systems use the MAC address to identify which computers can connect to our network and which cannot, enabling us to make more efficient use of network resources and meet federal requirements for safety and use of public funds.

To find the MAC address for your computer, follow these steps:

1) Under the Apple menu, select "About This Mac..."

2) A window will open with an apple logo and the words "Mac OS X". At the bottom of that window, click on the "More Info..." button.

3) This will launch the System Profiler application and open a window of information about your computer. In that window, scroll down in the left-hand column to "Network" and click on it.

4) The right-hand top area will show a list of network connections on the computer. Most computers will have "AirPort" (your wireless connection) and "Ethernet" (your wired connection) - any others there are irrelevant. For your wireless network MAC address, click on the "AirPort" line in the top-right area. The bottom-right area will show details about that connection. Scroll down until you see "MAC Address:" (under Ethernet). The number to the right of that is the MAC address. It is a hexadecimal number, which means it will have numbers and letters (a through f) in six pairs, so it will look something like a5:1b:34:0f:dc:51 .

6) For your wired network, click on the "Ethernet" line and look for the MAC Address entry. This is a different MAC address because it is a different network connection on your computer.

7) When you are done, quit the System Profiler application.
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