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How do I send files to myself or have others send me files from a phone, home or non-district computer?


Many people have gotten used to sending files in email because it seems easy but the District has several better solutions for sharing files from a home computer or mobile device to your work computer or to share with others. Sending in email uses up space in our long-term email archives where they are held for a decade or more, even if you have deleted the email from your account.

Be Careful With Personal Files

It is never a good idea to place files that have personal information such as tax documents, financial documents, legal records, or scans of legal documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, or driver's license on a district computing device. All files on district computers are part of the District's Public Record and could be subject to release as part of a Public Records Request. They could also be seen by other district staff as part of troubleshooting issues with the computing device or permanently erased during support activities.

Sending Files from home or phone to work

The best solution for staff needing to share files from a home computer or mobile device is to install Google Drive on your smartphone or tablet, or install Google File Stream on your computer, and set it up with your District Google account ( These apps are free and Google Drive will show up in your "Share" menu so it is just as easy to use as email.  Once the files are transferred to your Google space, you can easily access them from your work computer and share them with other staff or download them to another computer.

This is also the best way to send files from work to your personal computing devices or other computing devices - put in your Google Drive and then access Drive from the other device.

NOTE: All computing devices allow you to have both personal and work Google accounts enabled and will ask you which account you want to use each time.

Getting Pictures, Documents and other Files from Parents

You may want to ask parents to send pictures for an end-of-year slideshow, a yearbook, or just want them to be able to send pictures of class fieldtrips and interesting things your students are doing through the year, or office staff may be asking them to send scans of documents for registration or forms for participation. The best solution for receiving files from parents is to have them use your MailFile filedrop page, since it is already set up for all staff and works even on mobile devices.

Every District employee has a MailFile filedrop web page that is based on their email address. The link looks like:    (replace the email address with your own)

Tell parents to open that URL in a web browser and it will give them an email-like form that allows them to send you any size and number of pictures or other files. It will also send them an email receipt when you download the files so they know they have been received. More details on how to use MailFile are available in the Tech KnowledgeBase at .

NOTE: Some parents have made a mistake and tried to use the MailFile URL as an email address (probably because it has an "@" in it). That won't work and the mail server will reject the message.




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