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How do I use the ChooseIt! and SwitchIt! Maker 2 players?

Activities created in ChooseIt! or SwitchIt! Maker 2 can be used with the ChooseIt! and SwitchIt! players available for installation in the Self Service user portal. How to use Self Service.

Once you have the players installed on your computer, you can open ChooseIt! or SwitchIt! activities and play them. The player does not allow you to edit activities or create new ones. If you have had ChooseIt! or SwitchIt! installed on your computer in the past, you probably already have the free players.

To move activities from a computer with ChooseIt! or SwitchIt! installed to another computer, open the Applications folder and then open the ChooseIt! or SwitchIt! folder. Select the ChMaker_Resources or SwMaker_Resources folder. Inside are Group folders that contain activities. You can copy the entire group folder(s) or individual activities to another computer. The folders can be copied by holding down the option key while you "drag and drop" the folder(s) to your desktop, a thumbdrive, server folder or other location.

To use an activity with the player, open the ChooseIt! or SwitchIt! Player. Select Open at the bottom of the screen. Navigate to the activity you want to use, then select the file ending with .lst from within that folder. Click on Open. Thumbnail pictures of the activity will show in the lower left corner of the ChooseIt! or SwitchIt! player window. Click on Play and the activity will start.
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