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How do I set up my phone’s voicemail greeting and update the name associated with my extension when I leave a voicemail for others?

To set up the voice mail greetings on your district phone;

  1. Pick up the phone handset and press the Voice Mail button on the phone base.
  2. Enter your voice mail password. If you don't know what your voice mail password is, please call tech support at x6688 or create a work ticket to have it reset.
  3. Push the 7 button to record a personal greeting.
  4. Record your greeting.
  5. Select 1 to review, 2 to rerecord, or # to accept your recorded greeting.

To record the name associated with voicemail you leave for others;

Follow steps 1-3 above and then push 6. Follow the prompts to record your name. This is the audio that is played to identify who a call is from when you leave a voicemail for someone else.

Verbal prompts within the phone system will guide you through each step.

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