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Why does the district have a web filter that blocks certain websites?

The Children's Internet Protection Act ("CIPA"), enacted December 21, 2000, requires recipients of federal technology funds to comply with certain Internet filtering and policy requirements. Schools and libraries receiving funds for Internet access and/or internal connection services must also meet the Internet safety policies of the Neighborhood Children's Internet Protection Act ("NCIPA") that addresses the broader issues of electronic messaging, disclosure of personal information of minors, and unlawful online activities. CIPA requires the implementation of a "technology protection measure" - generally referred to as an Internet filter - to block access to visual depictions deemed "obscene," "child pornography," or "harmful to minors." Filtering is required for all of an E-rate recipient's Internet-enabled computers whether used by minors or adults. For E-rate funding purposes, filtering for adult Internet usage can be disabled for "bona fide research or other lawful purpose."

Northshore's primary goal is to provide excellence in education and appropriate resources for all learners. Certain websites do not support district efforts toward this goal, such as:

  • Sites that expose learners to inappropriate content, graphic images, suggestive violence and references to non-district approved activities or questionable behaviors
  • Sites that serve to undermine the security of the district network or computers, such as those that promote solutions for hacking
  • Sites that promote inappropriate games or gaming strategies
  • Sites that serve as anonymizers, which attempt to transfer communications through a network of Internet computers between the user and the destination such that an inappropriate site could be accessed by relaying the search through multiple other locations
  • Sites whose intent is to sell or solicit sales and advertisements that do not relate to education

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