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How do I re-connect my district phone?

If your phone has been disconnected or the cable has been unplugged from the wall jack, you can usually re-connect it yourself.

If the cable is still plugged into the phone, but not the wall, you need to plug the other end into a wall jack. If you have a rough idea of where it was plugged in last, try the top jack in that location. You will know you have it plugged in the correct place when the lights on the phone flash right after it is plugged in. If the top jack doesn't work, try the next jack in the same location, continuing through them until you locate the correct jack.

If the network cable is still plugged into the wall, you need to plug the other end into the back of the phone. NOTE: there are two places to connect on the back of your phone. Use the one with the phone icon, NOT the one with the computer icon (it won't work otherwise).

If the cable is not plugged into the phone or the wall, make sure you get it plugged into the phone first so you can tell if you have the correct jack when you plug it into the wall.

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