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How to access the Graphics Share after 11/18/2012

First contact the printshop and they will set you up with permissions to access the Graphics Share.  Once they have done this then follow these instructions.

If you are on a Mac:
1. Open the Finder and choose Go -> Connect to Server... from the Finder menu bar:
2. Enter 'smb://newfile/graphics$' in the Server Address box and click 'Connect':
Note: To add the server address to the Favorite Servers: area, click on the + (plus) sign before your click on Connect.
3.  If needed, enter ad\ and your district username. Type in your password and click Connect:


In this case I entered my logon id and password.  You would replace ckacoroski with your login.  Remember to include ad\ in front of your login.
If you are on Windows:
1. Press the Windows start menu button to get the Search programs and files box:

2. Enter \\newfile\graphics$ in the search programs and files box and press the enter key:
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