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How do I get Anti-Virus software for my district computer?

The district provides anti-virus (anti-malware) software for all district computing devices. Because the types of malware (bad software) are different for each operating system, we have multiple products that we use, depending on the type of computing device. Please locate your device type/operating system below for information on the anti-malware software for your device.

Windows Computers
District Windows computers have Vipre software installed to protect against malware. This is already installed on your computer and updates itself automatically.

Macintosh Computers
District Macintosh computers will be able to run Sophos software for malware protection.
September 5, 2013 - We are still working on the servers that will support the Sophos anti-virus software. When they are ready, we will start pushing the software installation out to district computers and make the software available in Self-Service.

iOS Devices (Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod)
There isn't any real anti-malware software for iOS. The companies that sell anti-malware for other platforms do make software for iOS but none of it provides any malware protection for iOS - mostly just notices for other platforms or some kind of theft protection. Apple claims that their control of the Apple Store keeps any malware from making it to your device, despite evidence to the contrary.

Android Devices
The district uses AVG Anti-vrius for district android devices. This is a free product and does a great job. If you have a district android device and don't see AVG installed, let us know and we will install it.

Windows Mobile/RT Devices
The district does not have any Windows Mobile or RT devices deployed at this time.

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