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How do I user Reflector to wirelessly display my iPad screen to my computer?

NOTE: Newly updated iPads on iOS 10 require "Reflector 2" v2.6.0 which is available in Self Service on your district issued Mac. Please download "Reflector 2" before mirroring your iOS 10 iPad. See this new KB article on settings you need to change after downloading Reflector v2.6.0.

Reflector is a software program on your MacBook. The following instructions will show you how you can wirelessly display your iPad to your computer (which you can then connect to your projector and display on your screen or ActivBoard).

  1. On your MacBook, go to the Applications folder and launch Reflector (if you don't have Reflector on your computer, go to Self Service and download Reflector). You will not see any windows appear. Reflector runs from the Dock until a device is connected. Look up at the Menu Bar and see if Reflector is running.

  2. From the very bottom of your iPad screen, swipe up to see the Control Center. The AirPlay icon will appear beside the AirDrop icon in the second row form the bottom.

  3. Tapping the AirPlay icon will present you with a list of computers to connect to. Locate and tap the one labeled with your MacBook barcode number.

  4. A mirror switch will appear under your computer's name. Toggle this to On and your device should now show on your Mac's screen.

  5. If it doesn't display "full screen" hit Command+F on your keyboard. Hitting Esc or Command+F again will return you to the original smaller display of your iPad.


How do I set a passcode for AirPlay connections in Reflector?

Here are instructions on how to set a password to allow AirPlay connections from iPads to your computer.

  1. On your OS X computer, launch Reflector from your Applications folder.
  2. In the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, click Reflector -> Preferences.
  3. Next to Password, enter whatever password you'd like (simple is probably better).
  4. I also recommend putting a check mark next to On Connection: Launch Fullscreen
  5. Then click Done.

If you are displaying Fullscreen and want to return to your OS X desktop, hit the Esc key on your computer. To return to Fullscreen in Reflector, hit Command+F.

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