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How do I override a blocked website? How do overrides work in iBoss (Login as Different User)?

June 8, 2015

The district implemented a new web filter district-wide in 2013. The new filter is from "iBOSS" and will say "iBOSS" somewhere on the block paged.

Instructions to Override in iBOSS to display blocked websites

Instructions on using the override in iBOSS are attached to this article (see below) as a PDF file called WebFilterOverride-iBOSS-QT.pdf.


The most common problems people have with the override are:

1) Filling out the wrong form:  To allow connection to a blocked website, click on the Login as Different User button to open the override window and then enter your username and password to override the block.

Below the button is a form to fill out to request that a website be unblocked when on the district network. A LOT of staff are filling out the Request an Exception area thinking that it is the override. It is not. If you request an exception, the website will be reviewed to determine if it is appropriate to unblock the site, which can take some time. It does not allow you to override the block and connect to the site as soon as you make the exception request. 



2) Expecting the site to open up automatically after logging in to override the block:  In iBOSS, to reload the blocked website you must either:

  • Go back to the page (or email) that had the link you were following that led to the blocked website and then click on the link again.
  • Type the URL directly into the address field at the top of the browser window.
  • Click on the link in the iBOSS blocked page window.



What does it mean to Login as Different User?

The wording Login as Different User is a bit misleading because when you log in with your district account to override a website, you get a special "override profile" for your account. This new profile will unblock not just the site you encountered, but also all other sites in that iBOSS category (assuming that you have permission to view that category in your override profile). This new filter profile applies for as long as that login is active by keeping the override login window open. If you close the override login window, you go back to your original filter profile.

Certificated Overrides need to be Student Safe

Teachers and other certificated staff can do overrides for students, but it uses the exact same override profile that the teacher gets when they override for themselves (that's just the way iBOSS works). Because of that, the override profile for teachers needs to be safe to use for students as well. This means that the override profile is not just more unblocked sites, but in some ways a different set of unblocked sites. As a specific example, teachers can get to Facebook without an override with their regular filter profile. Their override filter profile is not allowed to access Facebook, though, because staff are not supposed to allow students on to Facebook at school. However, their override filter profile can get to extreme hate and weapon and drug sites, which are blocked in the regular teacher profile.

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