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District Breaks: Tech Prep 2019

Please complete the following procedures to ensure district technology is shut down and stored appropriately during the upcoming break! 

  1. Staff that use Macs or PCs should back up important data by importing documents into your NSD Google Drive account or backing up files to an external or flash drive. 
  2. Shut down and unplug all computers, doc cams, and other peripherals that will remain on campus over the break.
  3. Turn off the projector (don't unplug it).
  4. Unplug the ActivBoard or IPS Monitor/Display (if the power cord can be reached safely).
  5. Turn off the Sound System and mics.
  6. Shut down all mobile devices (iPads, Chromebooks, Flips, etc..).
  7. Turn off all carts and unplug from wall outlets.
  8. Place theft sensitive items in a secure location (i.e. place laptops out of sight/in vehicle trunk when transporting off campus, or lock small items such as iPads in a cabinet if left on campus).
  9. Remember to follow the guidelines at when doing your holiday shopping for personal devices connecting to district services.


The detailed version:

  1. As a result of the cyber attack, the ability to back up staff Macs and PCs has not yet been restored. Technology staff are actively researching and testing replacement backup systems that we anticipate being able to implement in the new year. The Technology Department recommends that until automated backup services are restored, users should take steps to back up their own critical files and documents. Here are some resources you can leverage to back up your files:
  2. Shut down all computers in your room completely (Go to the Apple icon, select Shut Down from the drop down menu).
  3. Unplug the computer power cord from the wall. This saves more energy than unplugging the cord from the computer. 
  4. Leave the mouse, keyboard, and ethernet cable (if you use one) connected. 
  5. If you use a second monitor, turn it off and unplug it from the wall.
  6. Turn off and unplug your document camera.
  7. Turn off the projector but DO NOT unplug it. 
  8. If the ActivBoard has a power cord and it is within reach, unplug it from the wall.
  9. Turn off the sound system and mics.
  10. Remove the batteries from the mics (this will extend the battery life).
  11. Make sure any TV's, VCRs, or DVD players are turned off. 
  12. Turn off scanners or other computer peripherals in your room. Printers can remain plugged in and powered on.
  13. Shut down all portable devices (iPads, Chromebooks, and other mobile devices) and make sure carts are turned off and unplugged from the electrical outlets.
  14. If you are taking your district laptop home for the break, DO NOT leave it in your vehicle and risk it being stolen. If you must leave your laptop in your vehicle, put it in the trunk or other hidden location so it is not visible to passersby BEFORE you leave for your destination.
  15. If you are leaving your laptop on campus during break, please put it in a drawer or cabinet or other location where it is out of sight. 
  16. Remember to follow the guidelines at when doing your holiday shopping for personal devices connecting to district services. 
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